Bader and Garrin Diamond Company

Circa 1942, in pursuit of the American dream, my immigrant grandfather Simon Korn founded a diamond and gem company in the New York City Diamond District. His company eventually grew to become a large jewelry manufacturer, supplying rings to stores all across the United States. Seventy-five years later, Bader & Garrin, which was renamed from Simon Korn Inc. in 1989, is a continuance of his ideals and legacy – since 1942, our name has stood for quality and value.
Servicing both retail jewelers and private clientele, we are respected both publicly and from within the industry as a company of great integrity. Our diamonds and custom creations have been seen on red carpets and published in People, US, and Brides magazines just to name a few. It has been an exciting journey, throughout the years we have met so many fascinating people, helping them to celebrate and commemorate the momentous occasions of their lives. Seventy-five years later, still located right in the heart of the New York City Diamond District, we have unrivaled access to the finest quality diamonds representing the best value. Thank you for stopping by our site, we very much look forward to meeting you and helping you commemorate the special moments in your life.