It turns out my family is dissatisfied with the ring.They claim it makes me an unsafe driver -since I can’t keep my eyes off my ring while on the road and a less attentive parent.They notice my eyes wandering downwards as they talk to me. I
have also been stopped 6 times in 5 days by strangers who noticed it on my hand in the supermarket and school and my kids are getting bored of hearing me exclaim “I feel like I just got engaged again!” Send me a bunch of business cards. I do live cooking shows around the country every week and 50 – 200 pairs of
eyes are on my hands. I have no doubt the ring will catch attention. I would be happy to carry your card in my toolbox.

Best, Susie

Thank you so much for all your help on the diamond for the
engagement ring. Everything was perfect, and it went great! She
loved the ring and everything about it.

I appreciate your honesty and help with everything. I’m, definitely coming back to you if my girl gets starry-eyed for more diamonds. In the meantime, if any of my friends are looking for a ring. I’ll send them to you!

Thanks again! Ken

Kelly loves the bracelet. Who wouldn’t love it
really? Thanks again for your help. I trust you guys for quality and opinion. And price isn’t all too bad either, ha! Please send the steamer to Kelly or David can drop it by. I know she’d want it.

Best, Adam

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank
you for the beautiful job you have done with Catherine’s ring. We really appreciate the quick turn around between manufacturing the ring and sending it to us so quickly. The quality and color is
simply outstanding. I’m happy she will be able to enjoy it for our engagement party next Saturday. Cliff, I look forward to meeting you someday, as well as doing more business in the future.


Thank you for my very,very beautiful ring.
I am thrilled to have it. It is as wonderful and spectacular as you assured me it would be. Most important, you have made me feel like I did thirty years ago when I received my first ring. The pride in Warren’s eyes when he saw my ring was no different than what I remember so very long ago. You have given us a special moment. I will take very good care of it. Again, thank you for making me feel so very special to have such a beautiful gift.


Thanks for the help. Beans on me next time I’m
in New York.


Wanted to let you know I proposed on Sunday evening after 10 or 15 mins of crying, shaking and “oh my god-ing” she
said yes. I can’t thank enough for your help with the ring — she LOVES it and it fit perfectly! She was on parade at work with it Monday morning and is very happy.

Thanks so much!!!!Chad

I gave Marsha her gift yesterday. To say she was
surprised and delighted would be an understatement – she nearly fainted. (The ring fits beautifully.) You helped me make Marsha’s day a memorable one. Thank you very much for all your efforts. and consideration.


I just wanted to thank you for helping Joe pick out the most beautiful engagement ring for me. Joe described the entire process as totally painless. He says so many good things about you… how you stayed open late, went over the ABC of Diamonds ,
suggested insurance, the list goes on and on. He was so worried about Engagement Ring Shopping… he says that he can’t even go T-shirt shopping for himself without me… so you eased his stress in a huge way! Truly, thank you! My ring is absolutely perfect.

Sincerely, Amy